May 25, 2008

Testing Silverlight 2 beta - Microsoft Silverlight Showcase

I have decided that with all the hype lately about Silverlight, that I would try it out again. The last time I tried Silverlight, I was on a Vista eqipped machine. I started having problems watching the Move Networks player on I uninstalled Silverlight thinking that is what was causing my problem. Apparently not, I guess the Move Networks video player wasn't Vista ready at the time. I was also very confused about what the Silverlight software was supposed to do.

Now Microsoft is in their beta stage for Silverlight 2. The newer version has many more features, mainly for developers to integrate more functionality into their Silverlight projects. In fact, today I thought I would install the beta Silverlight 2. I checked out the Silverlight Showcase, a rather large collection of games, video sites and photo slideshows that use the new technology. I really do like what Microsoft is trying to do with their new software, but I am still unsure if Silverlight does much more than Adobe Flash. From the outside it seems a little unique, but I bet it's whats under the hood that counts.

If you would like to check out Silverlight 1, the stable release, click here. Or Silverlight 2 beta, then click here. Or if you are a web developer looking for the tools and information to make use of Silverlight, then click here.

Then afterwards come check out the showcase filled with Silverlight projects.

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