May 20, 2008

Entrecard releases NEW features for bloggers - WIN 75,000 EC! - Yesterday I bounced on over to entrecard to see how my EC advertising campaigns were going, when I noticed a message. A message for me? No. It seems that the virtual business card we have all grown to love has added some pretty exciting features, a step-by-step official entrecard e-book and a contest worth 75,000 EC credits. They got my attention, I am so excited I think I might wet myself. I can't wait to take advantage of some of the new features, like the ability to add multiple blogs. I mean I do have a few more blog ideas that have yet to be unleashed. I just hate having to login to several accounts, hell I have trouble thinking of so many passwords. Another new feature is a front page aggrigation system that posts your blogs most recent posts, driving even more traffic to your blogs. Campaign tabs that help you sort through all the awesome entrecard users sites. A top droppers feed so you can keep track of your entrecard fanclub and even give props to the folks who drop daily. The top droppers stats are in the form of an RSS feed, so with the right widgets or plug-ins you can post them in your sidebar or write a post about it. The oppurtunities are endless.

The e-book was put together rather well. It is pretty informative and should get a newbie up and running in no time. Teaches you the tricks of the trade, and opens up brand new oppurtunities you may have overlooked. Entrecard really put themselves out there to help you get the most out of their service. I did notice one problem with the e-book though. On like page 9 or so there is a section that talks about "multiple blogs" saying:

If you have multiple blogs that you would like to add Entrecard to, you are certainly allowed to do so. However, you must register a separate account for each blog. We are working hard on a feature that will let you merge all your accounts into one, but until the feature is complete you must open separate accounts.

Disregard that, as it was written before the new "linked blogs" feature was finished. That is the feature that allows you to switch between any of your blogs in entrecard with just a click, saving you time while dropping cards for your other blogs. Since they released the news about the e-book and the Multiple Blogging feature at the same time, there is going to be a clash or two. I read the e-book from beginning to end as soon as it finished downloading, and I plan on using some of the tips I recieved while I do my dropping today.

Download the official Entrecard e-book here.

And finally!!! The Contest!!! 75,000 EC!!!
That is right, is giving away a grand total of 75,000 EC And all you have to do is try out their multiple blogging system by adding another blog to your account today!

So Sign up or log in now and check out the new features.

Good Luck and Happy Dropping!


tasha said...

Interesting, but tell me more about internet tv!

Arthur Crooks said...

Yes, well... I get 2,000 credits for posting that blurb, which helps my advertising efforts ;) More money, more posts.