May 31, 2008

PluggedIn - Tried and Denied

There was a new music video channel launched not too long ago called PluggedIn. They use the same Media Player as ABC, FOX, Discovery from Move Networks. This is so far my favorite online video player, aside from Hulu. However, I tried to view the site in IE7 which loaded, but pretty much didn't do anything else. So... I tried viewing it in my Opera browser (the latest version) and the video says:
We're sorry, but only the following browsers are supported on your operating system at this time:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later

Please check back later for support for other browsers.

So I was unable to check the site out. I don't have Firefox installed on this computer at this time. I was rather happy with the IE7 and Opera combo. I guess I will install Firefox eventually, but wtf.

So anyway, it does look like a pretty cool site, if you can check it out without any problems please let us all know what you think, leave a comment.


Ben said...

I checked out PluggedIn a few weeks ago. I'm using a Mac, and had no problems with the video player. The music videos were great quality, much better than watching them on YouTube, and they do a pretty good job making it easy to find videos by artist, etc. Now they just need to get a few more labels signed on, because they are missing a lot of good music videos.

bcrockett said...

No problems with PluggedIn on Mac here either--it looks great.

One thing though--technically, if you like Hulu better than Move's player, you're saying Flash is your fav (since Hulu's player is a Flash player)...but I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant.

Imagine what the Hulu experience would be like if they used Move. Now THAT's the Hulu I'd like to see.

Arthur Crooks said...

Yes, I mean Adobe Flash Player is nice, it all depends on who is broadcasting and what is being broadcasted. I mean comparing YouTube with Hulu would be crazy because the difference in quality is amazing. I meant to say that I like the quality of Hulu and the features Hulu offers for embedding and full screen and what-not.

The Move Media Player on the other hand uses a totally different technology for streaming, which makes the quality vary depending upon the available bandwidth. That in itself makes for a great watching experience, just imagine when they finally release the new player with the Silverlight integration. DVD like navigation and transparent overlays much like the Joost software.

And yes... if Hulu integrated the NEW move player and done away with the flash, it would rule over all others.

Of course adding updated content more frequently and archiving the old content so that embedded videos did't die, would add to the quality of what Hulu has going on as well.

Thanks for your comment.