May 19, 2008

Mania TV - What's New? We will see.

Mania TV - I just happened upon a website that offers some interesting Comedy channels, a few full length episodes and even some LIVE programming. The LIVE programming is certainly different than what I am used to seeing while surfing the InterWeb for TV shows to watch and download.

At first glance Mania TV looked like another tube site or a membership based business model. However I was able to watch a full episode of the Dave Navarro talk show, Spread TV. The player is Adobe Flash based so there was no downloading of any special media players or plug-ins. The Video was great at small screen with minimal buffering, but the full screen mode was a bit pixelated, which is fairly normal with most flash players used for full episodes. If you sit back a few feet from your computer this will be tolerable. The audio was not surround sound compatible. There was minimal selections to view, many clips and trailers or "minisodes", but overall I enjoyed watching.

I even took the extra step to register. I do like comedy and there was some interesting titles I want to check out later. Plus I want to stay informed in case they expand their selection. I do recommend the site since there is no mandatory registration before viewing. Signup was free and easy.

Here is a sample minisode I thought I would share.

Comedy RoadTrip: EP 2: Competitive Edge

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tasha said...

Thanks for the link! I've set this as my homepage, every time I come by, you've got something new and exciting! So, completely off the topic, are you single?

Arthur Crooks said...

Wow, thanks. I never expected a fan so soon, and yes I am single. ;)