May 17, 2008

Joost - Download and watch HUNDREDS of popular TV shows - Back when I initially signed up and started watching Internet TV on Joost, It was in beta and invite only. I managed to get my invite from an industry friend not even knowing what I was getting myself into. I must say I was VERY pleased. Even back then they had quite a selection of internet shows to choose from. Many of these shows were old reruns of the popular TV programs I used to watch as a kid. I didn't mind catching up on the old times so I found myself watching and watching until I ran out of interest. However, upon clicking around the software and viewing some of the many channels and categories they offered, I found myself watching plenty of comedy shorts from some popular independent websites and online only networks. I also liked watching the plentiful documentaries varying from everything about animals to other cultures and events throughout the world.

Since then - They have grew very nicely. They have TONS more content to choose from, including several motion picture channels, many newer shows from popular Television Networks. They have added many new independent web studios as well, and even more documentaries. Overall, Joost is very well my favorite of the downloadable Internet TV streaming players. The commercials are short and unobtrusive, hell some channels have little or no commercials at all. Now that adds to an already satisfying viewing pleasure.

More recently - Joost has fixed several bugs and brought itself out of beta mode. The newer version is much more stable, and adds a bunch more functionality. It is community driven so it has features to chat with other folks that happen to be watching the same shows as yourself. I don't take full advantage of this feature as it takes away from the actual viewing, but I am easily distracted. They have added so much content and new channels that it is easy to get lost watching stuff you never thought you would catch yourself watching. But that is the fun of it all.

In closing - I would like to add that the Graphical User Interface for the Joost software is very well designed and easy on the eyes. It is much quicker and easier to navigate as opposed to the VeOh TV and BabelGum apps. More on them later.

If you are a Joost watcher, leave a comment and let us know your experiences with the software.


D said...

Yeah I looked into Joost when TVlinks got shut down. But I'll give it another try.
Dave from WelcomeBackRosenthal

Arthur Crooks said...

Yes, they certainly have improved. They still don't update as much as I would like, but they do pretty good. An almost regular basis.


tasha said...

Thanks for the article. I checked out Joost after I read it, and I can't knock any place that has a station that plays "Sensual Seduction" over and over again.
You are doing great things, and I can't wait to hear more from you.