May 21, 2008

Move Networks - Moving on up?

Move networks pairs up with Microsoft to enhance their already popular streaming technology with Silverlight, Microsofts new competitor for Adobe's (formerly Macromedia) Flash Player. The new software is said to improve the magnificent quality we already experience. Move Networks is the technology behind popular web TV sites "full episode" players such as ABC, CW, FOX and The Discovery Channel.

I love the technology behind Move Networks streaming player. There is no buffering, the video plays almost instantaniously. The sound is excellent, and yes, it supports my love for surround sound. The best part about the streaming is that the quality is dependent on your download speed. If you are watching a TV program via the Move Media plugin while downloading in the background, the player adjusts the picture quality accordingly with the spike in bandwidth, as the downloads relieve some of that bandwidth, the player quality gets better. So if you watch your internet TV programs without anything stealing the bandwidth, you should experience high quality video.

What this really means, is that if you have a slower broadband connection you should still be able to view the videos, just at a lesser quality than that of the faster connections. All this without having to wait for a buffer or for half (or even all) of the video to finish downloading before you are able to watch. Nothing worse than waiting for a show to download just to find out you already seen it or that it is just really lame.

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