Aug 7, 2008

Busty Heart on Hulu - America's got Talent

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It's nice to see people from your area on TV. However, Busty Heart was famous long before I ever met her. She got her start as an exotic dancer, with incredibly HUGE breast implants. Now she owns a strip joint of her own in a small town only miles from me. She performs the beer can crushing act all the time in the club. I remember when she first moved into my county, she was having trouble with the folks in that town accepting her club. She struggled to make a few changes to the club so neighbors would be more welcoming. Her club, Busty Hearts Place, was finally accepted in the small town shortly after Busty donated a nice sum of money to building a playground across the street for the small children.

I lived right around the corner, maybe only 450 people in the whole town. The closest nearby town had 1 grocery store, 4 pubs, several gas stations and an Arby's that has been out of business for about 15 years now. The building is still empty. The only merchant in the same town as Busty Hearts Place, is a general store which only sells common household goods and farm supplies.

Busty Heart was on The Man Show several years ago, with the same act... crushing beer cans with her breasts. She has been featured on several other shows as well. Even though she has gotten up there in her age, she still hammers them cans. I figure since she doesn't dance anymore, she gets her moneys worth by flaunting her famous JUGGS.

I had the oppurtunity to visit her club a few months ago, and I must say I enjoyed myself. I ran into a friend there who took a picture of my head between her boobs(NSFW, sorry). This is also another act she performs for her patrons. At one point in the evening she made her way around the club bouncing every guys (and girls) heads between them monsters. My girlfriend was with me and she thought it was hilarious. I didn't expect it. But it was a joyful experience.

Here is a clip of Busty Heart on America's got Talent, from

Aug 2, 2008

Huge Gap - Where has InterWeb TV gone?

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That's right, and I know I should have told you all before the break. I am sorry but InterWeb TV has not been updated in more than a week. I had just moved my family to a larger apartment recently. The move was rushed so when everything was out of the old house and into the new one, there was tons of cleaning and seperating that needed done. The cable company said the move would have us without InterWeb TV for only a day, but when we called to have our sevice changed over, that day suddenly became a week.

We have all just been so busy with everything. Hopefully we will have it all back on track soon.

Thanks for reading.