Jun 19, 2008

YouTube may be adding Full Length Video as well.

YouTube adding full length videos
YouTube CEO Eric Schmidt has said several times recently that Google doesn't know how it will monetize the popular video sharing site they bought for $1.65 billion two years ago. One move they are considering, is to follow the leaders... while YouTube may seem like a leader of video sharing sites, it is not the leader in Internet TV. YouTube is planning to try what other online television networks and sites that broadcast these networks such as Hulu.com are doing. They will be allowing full length movies and television episodes to be uploaded to the site by independent directors/producers as well as the networks that own rights to these videos.

The main concern here is that advertisers are rather reluctant to advertise next to user generated videos for which they never know what types of content their ads will be placed next to. With the full length videos they know what the producers and networks are uploading, so not only will they feel safer placing ads, but this advertising model can or should allow for more targeted demographics.

We will have to wait and see just how this pans out for YouTube.

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