Jun 6, 2008

Testing... Testing one, two - TheWB.com beta - Accepted!

Well, I recieved my acceptance email today from TheWB.com beta that I signed up for just about two weeks ago. I was pretty certain that it was going to happen, but I never signed up to be a beta tester before. This means I will be watching TheWB a little bit more than the other networks for the next few weeks. I won't leave you folks hangin' in the wind though. I will keep you all posted on my experiences over there. Don't forget, you can see first hand also, you don't have to take my word for it. Go to TheWB.com and sign up too. Here is the email I recieved.

We want to build a site that reflects you and your interests so
input is crucial. We look forward to hearing from you (we really
do). Please feel free to play around the site, watch your
favorite shows, and send us your thoughts and comments using the
site's Talk Back feature. Welcome to TheWB.com.

Brent & TheWB.com Team

I actually recieved the email about 1am this morning so I decided to login right away and watch a couple episodes to see what they had going on over there. So far I can see about a dozen or so different shows offering full episodes of high quality video. They do offer embed codes and an option to add your videos to Facebook. The full screen was skippy with a low frame rate, but that may just be me and my damned graphics card I just won't shut up about. I am really not sure. One particular thing that gained my attention was a feature they call WBlender. It seems to be some kind of video mixer that WB fans can use to make a video collage of their favorite clips from episodes. I am not sure because it hasn't been launched yet, it still says "coming soon" so we will wait.

Here is some OC bitch!

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