Jun 12, 2008

Full Length Disney Movies - Now Available Online

Wonderful World Of Disney - Internet TV This week Disney.com announced that they will begin streaming their summer 2008 weekly film presentations of the popular Wonderful World Of Disney features we have all grown up watching. This summers titles will include Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Haunted Mansion and several other popular favorites.

They are partnering with ABC to bring the movies, in high quality formats, to the internet so that us viewers may watch them for free. In addition to the Wonderful World Of Disney, The Disney Channel will be streaming their Original Movie "Camp Rock", with interactive online activities like trivia, games and even chat, so that fans can communicate with each other during the film.

I for one will be sure to share this online experience with my 9 year old son. So I am sure you and your family will enjoy it as well.

Read the full story at BusinessWire.

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