Jun 12, 2008

InterWeb TV - Official launch set for July 4th

As some of you folks may have guessed, We have not officially launched InterWeb TV. We have been adding content and getting our site working properly. You may have noticed that at times I may go a couple days without a new post. This is because I am still researching the best sites and softwares used for watching TV on the web. I am also researching good SEO techniques to get my word out to a broader audience.

Some of the things to look out for before the official launch date...

A nicer theme with easier navigation, inluding categories. This will be a three column blog theme so I dont have to cram everything in the right sidebar. This may take some testing. So if you happen upon the InterWeb TV blog one day and it is all fucked up, don't fret, it will be fixed shortly after. It is just testing.

More posts. Once we launch you will start to see me posting more often as well as some guest posts from other folks who dig the internet TV scene. Some of the things we will be posting about is the quality and/or bugs we experience while viewing different internet TV rersources. Monthly reviews on what we watched and what we avoided watching and why. This will save you folks time in searching for the perfect viewing experience.

Additional tools and resources. I have a list of different television networks that I have yet to examine and post about. The list is long so it will take some time to visit each and every network. Also you may have noticed I added an RSS feed to the sidebar of Hulu.com recently added shows. There will be similar content added in the future as well.

So please hang in there and feel free to comment on what you would like to see added before the official launch of the InterWeb TV blog.

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