Jul 16, 2008

What have you been watching!

Internet Television has been out for several years now. Even though it has grown in popularity and everyone and their momma is broadcasting these days, there are still many people that don't know you can watch TV shows online. I started this blog for these types of people. I started this blog for people who wanted to watch their old favorites in full screen, full episodes, with high quality audio and video. I try to keep clear of the viral sites (youtube, revver, spike formerly ifilm, network2) when I post, however there is a lot more viral video sites in the news lately. Some of it is quite interesting. For the most part, when this blog is larger and has 100 or even 1,000+ posts, most will be about Networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) and Software (joost, veoh, babelgum, graboid) that broadcast full episodes in full screen view.

When I tell people what it is I do, they often ask me how to watch tv online. I don't exactly know how to answer this question, but yes, it seems the whole world around me is rather stupid. You simply go online and visit your favorite television network, click the video link that seems like most of them have adopted, and watch. Hulu has made this task probably the simplest of all sites and with quite the selection of titles adding up as well. So I am going to share with you what I have been watching online.

Ok, I have been staying away from NBC because their player seems to have the most problems with not locating videos and when it does, it still won't play. I used to watch ABC all the time for they worked nicely and use Move Networks streaming technology (no buffering). ABC has always been hit and miss for me, depending on my computer upgrades and whatnot. I have recently changed to Vista Ultimate and bought a 22" widescreen monitor from Dell. ABC has been doing better for me, but the new screen makes it a bit slow. I have a new GPU on the way. :)

I love Hulu... Period. I only find myself NOT going there when I have become bored with their selections but they have been updating rather frequently, so I check in about every other day or two. Joost has become rather short on updates lately, maybe because of all the online based viewing the software apps are falling behind or people are just not apt to run the app. I turn it on from time to time to check the new shows or catch up on some music videos... oh music videos? MTV has been on my list lately to catch up on all the new music that is coming out.

So you see... I stay with what I am used to. I gave up on regular cable tv because it is summer and we simply do not sit in front of the tube that often. I work on my computer and this is my favorite seat in the house. I tend to just watch what I want when I want and choose anything anytime (within availability). Networks are adding their aired content to the web a lot faster than they used to, so I can always catch up on missed episodes. The advertising is increasing but they are still much less than conventional cable tv. Not to mention I can pause it to pee.

Leave us a comment and tell us what you have been watching online. I would love to add some new links to the blog when I get them all together (already over 50 networks).

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