Jul 17, 2008

Entrecard: The biggest thing to hit the blogosphere

EntreCard partners with SezWhoIn an effort to drive more traffic to blogs in the Entrecard network, Entrecard has teamed up with SezWho. Sezwho is a social networking community that allows users to vote for everyone elses comments and posts, then the ratings are tallied up and follow the user across the blogosphere. Entrecard users that take advantage of this feature will be rewarded for their participation. The more you comment the better you get rated in the SezWho system and the more Entrecard credits you earn.

Poeple are beginning to ask questions regarding load times, and how the addition of the SezWho code will effect their blogs. I myself noticed a significant decrease in load time right after I implemented the SezWho code. At this point it isn't so bad that I will revert back to normal, but if it starts hanging up on me I most certainly will remove the code. I wasn't sure if it was my site or my computer at first, but while dropping my card on EntreCard users blogs today, I noticed the blogs using the new service are a bit sluggish as well.

We will have to see how this pans out. I will try commenting on some blogs in the next week and see how it will effect my traffic. For more on this partnership and details on how it works, visit the announcement on the EntreCard Blog.

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