Sep 23, 2008

Interweb TV Update

Don't worry folks. I have not abandoned the InterWeb TV Blog. I have just been kind of sick lately and haven't felt well enough to work on the site. I will be having lots of new posts coming soon. I just needed some time to recover. I hope you all understand.

Thanks for being such loyal readers.



sant said...

get soon recover ASAP ........... we r waiting for your post

Arthur Crooks said...

Sorry. I have been better for awhile. I lost internet for a bit, but hopefully I can get the blog going again now that it is back on. Thanks for your comment

lunaticg said...

Wish you will get well soon.
See you around.

Arthur Crooks said...

Thanks folks. I am feeling much better, now I just have to get back to work on things. Hard to get motivated after such a long break.

Arthur Crooks said...

Oh yeah, not to mention getting caught up on all the changes in Internet TV and the technologies behind it.